Team Stella & Sasha

Team Captain: Hailey Thomson
Fundraising for Chilliwack
$625 Raised

Team Donations

  1. Andy Thomson
  2. Buzz Stobbe
  3. Hailey Thomson
  4. Cindy Fraser
  5. Richard and Jenny Fife
  6. Neil Thomson
  7. Jack Stierle
  8. Verna & Doug Stowell
  9. Anonymous
  10. Dean Fraser
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Team Fundraiser

On September 8th the SPCA is hosting the Paws for a Cause walk in Chilliwack. All of the proceeds go directly to the SPCA to help animals in desperate need. Take a moment to meet my pups and hopefully you will be inspired to donate and help other dogs in need.

Meet Stella & Sasha 

Hello! My name is Stella. I am a rescue dog from a small town in California. I am a cattle dog/bull terrier mix. I once had a family in California until I had two puppies of my own when I was only a baby myself. My so called "family" surrendered me and my puppies to something called a high kill shelter. Little did I know, I had a date beside my name and that date was the day I was going to be euthanized. I don't really know what I ever did wrong... I didn't understand why I was locked in a cage awaiting my last day with my two puppies. Luckily, me, my puppies and a few other dogs were taken from the high kill shelter and brought all the way to Canada! Later I found out that it was a rescue organization that saved me and my puppies life! After my puppies found a home of their own, I was adopted by Hailey and her family. I was in rough shape, I was so skinny that my ribs were showing. Over time I filled out and I am now very healthy and happy. I love people, even more than other dogs and I am also very calm and independent. My favourite activity is hiking with Hailey. I am a great motivator because I whine at her when she is going too slow. I promise that if you meet me one day I will lick your face as a thank you for reading my story!

Hello! My name is Sasha. I am a dachshund/minature pincher mix. I am also from a small town in California. I was found roaming the streets of California. Strange people picked me up off the streets one day and they took me to a high kill shelter. I remember having a family. I heard that they were contacted and told that I was at the shelter. But they never came for me. I don't know why my family didn't want me anymore. Maybe it was because I bark a little too much. I would take it all back if it meant my family would come get me. Instead, I was also given a euthanization date. Luckily, I was picked up by the same lady that picked up my sister Stella. I was brought all the way to Canada! I was then adopted by Hailey and her family. I am a nervous dog and might run away from you at first, but once I get to know you, you will become my best friend! All you have to do is take me for a car ride and let me sit in the front seat. Instantly, you will be my best friend. I am a good guard dog too, I will growl at certian people that I just don't like. My favourite activity consists of sleeping under fuzzy blankets all day long. I hope I can meet you one day since you took the time to read my whole story! I will try to be nice, I promise. 

Please consider donating to my Paws for a Cause team to help rescue dogs like Stella and Sasha find their forever home. #adoptdontshop 

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