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My Fundraiser

Dearest Friends and Animal Lovers,

I am reaching out to you once again, it is hard to beleive that a year has gone by.  On September 8, Chip and I will be participating in the Paws for a Cause walk to raise funds to help neglected, abused and abandoned animals.  I still volunteer 2 days a week and see first hand all of the animals that are lost, surrendered or come from cruelty situations.  Your donation helps each and every one be cared for, get veterinary treatment and find a loving home.  Last year the BC SPCA assisted nearly 50,000 animals in need.

I still adopt the seniors that otherwise would not be able to get a home.  Chip who is now 12 years old, shares his home with the cats who are, Cici (10 years), Winnie (15 years), Billie (18 years) and George (18 years).  They are a wonderful family and I am blessed to be with them.  

Any donation amount would be appreciated, to donate, please click on the link. Thank you for all your support through the years, it is only with your support that we truly make a difference.  On behalf of all the furry ones, thank you so much for your love!


Shawna and the FurBalls

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